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Who I Am...Who Am I?


If you're a boy or girl in 6th-11th grades, we'd like to hear how social media affects you in any of these 6 areas:

 Depression & anxiety

Friendships & relationships

Bullying & exclusion

Sexting & porn

Identity & self-image

What you would change if you could


You can participate by:

becoming part of our focus group

-we are currently scheduling filming/interview times-

letting us know you're interested & provide contact info



share my story in writing

(this can be anonymous)

Few adults understand what it's like to grow up in a social media world.  This documentary is an opportunity to share how its powerful force influences your life and your generation.


Your perspective is unique!

     Your voice is important!

          Your ideas are relevant!

              Your experiences are valid!

                    Your feelings matter!

                          Your participation can

                               make a difference!

We will doing a number of small group discussion groups through the fall.

Scheduled for release in early 2023, this documentary will use the voices of local teens to help adults better understand the struggles and affects of social media.


Sometimes talking about these topics and your experience is sensitive.  We have the ability to alter your voice or obscure your face, as well as other tools to keep folks anonymous.

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