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A visionary funding model

From the start we knew our funding model had to be different.  There are far more good causes than there are dollars to go around.  Charities can no longer simply beg their way to financial stability.  

Through the generosity of one of our founding donors, our plan to develop a "for-profit" model to support non-profit programming was realized through Right Tree Adventure Rentals, a storefront in downtown Elk Rapids making outdoor recreation equipment available to the community on a donation basis.  Equipment use donations flow directly back into our programming efforts and the rental shop generates 40% of our annual revenue. We continue to work to expand that income stream and look to develop additional "for profit" models to support our efforts.

It REALLY DOES take a village...

Since 2011, support from local businesses, service clubs, and like-minded donors have helped girls discover they ARE enough just like they are, they DO bring gifts to the world no one else does, their circumstances DON'T control their future, and they ARE growing into someone even more amazing.  Your gift, large or small is critically important in helping girls believe and live our motto, Every Girl Matters! 

Small one-time donations, long-term large-scale supporters, special fundraisers and business partnerships provide the revenue needed to offer our programs on a donation basis.  While we do have a suggested donation for each activity, families pay what they can (often $0) and no one ever turned away for financial reasons.  A traditional guided backpacking trip to the Red River Gorge in Kentucky can easily cost $500+.  Our suggested donation for that 7-day trip is $125.  Generous support from like-minded donors keep costs low and that possible and insure our programs are open to any eligible girl, regardless of their financial situation.

But there is much more to do!
And to do it we need you!

Historically we have been primarily a summer program for girls in 6-8th grades with a few school year activities scatted here-and-there.

Our vision of  regular school year programming and expanded summer programming for girls in grades 6-12 is entirely dependent on increased financial support.

Your donation matters!  Your donation makes a difference!

I don't have room to note all the wonderful things Right Tree is doing for Elk Rapid's daughters!  I could see the confidence and empowerment in our daughter from her very first experience.

-7th grader Mom

I wish the whole world was like Right Tree -- where there's always someone there for you

-6th grader

She's more confident.  She has a stronger desire to help other people.  She is willing to take risks.  We could not ask for a better program & are excited to share the positive growth this organization provides for our girl.

-8th grade Mom

Thank you to our many supporters

Rotary Club of Elk Rapids          Elk Rapids Lions Club     Elk Rapids Marina     Hildreth Family Fund     

Chalfonte Foundation     Elk Rapids Yacht Club     Torch Lake Artisans Guild     Eileen Fisher     Saint-Gobain     Alden Lumber     Broad Family Foundation     and hundreds of individual donors!