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Available on a donation basis to girls in 6th-8th grades who go to school in Elk Rapids (no matter where they live) OR live in Elk Rapids (no matter where they go to school).
We ask families to pay whatever they can afford toward the suggested donation.

Unless otherwise noted, programs depart and return to the MAD Club building
400 E. Third St., Elk Rapids

across the parking lot from Elk Rapids Bible Church 

Right Tree Summer Adventures 2023

Backpacking the Red River Gorge,
Slade, Kentuck

am, June 26- 6pm, July 1
  + a mandatory orientation/packing meeting
2-5pm, June 24
Suggested donation: $75

Red River Gorge is home to the largest collection of natural rock arches and bridges east of the Rockies.  You're invited to discover the ups and downs of backpacking in this amazing park!  This trip involves hiking difficult terrain in a remote area.  If you're in shape, even first-timers can do it.  22-miles over 4 days, carrying everything on our backs is challenging, but also crazy rewarding at the end of the trip!  You'll need good hiking boots, but everything else is provided.  A once-in-a-lifetime adventure!
BE...DAZZLED! Art Camp
July 18-21
arrive and depart from the Art & Connection building
   965 Green St, Elk Rapids (next to K& K Heating & Cooling)

Suggested donation: $40

Join us for a week of creativity, fun and discovering your inner-artist as Art & Connection owner Sheri Grant brings together 4 local artists to share their skills and talents and we spend 4 creative days up-to-our-elbows in art projects, expression and imagination!
You brought a bunch of girls?!
8am, July 31-5pm, Aug 2
Suggested donation $45
This is girl power at its best Once again partnering with Freedom Builders," we'll be helping needy families with home repairs.  In the past we've re-roofed trailers, built wheelchair ramps, and gutted homes for remodel.  We're up for whatever they need!  You learn new skills, homeowners discover what girls are capable of, and lives are changed for the better.  On top of that, we'll be camping at Traverse City State Park for evenings filled with campfires, adventure, fun & games.    
9am, Aug 17-4pm, Aug 19
Suggested donation $35
A private the middle of Long Lake...full of games and mysteries and battles and challenges and puzzles and  WHO KNOWS WHAT?!  Join us for morning, noon and in-the-dark craziness, campfires, and more fun than you ever thought you could pack into 3 days!  This is a Right Tree tradition no one should miss!!
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