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M.A.D Club (Making A Difference) Club is our after-school program

for Elk Rapids girls in 6th-8th grade


The program is available on a donation basis to girls who go to school in Elk Rapids,

regardless of where they live or who live in the Elk Rapids school district regardless

of where they go to school


Programming runs Mon-Thursday (when school is in session)  from after school

(approx 2:45) - 5:30pm

in the Right Tree/MAD Club building, 400 E. Third St, Elk Rapids

across the parking lot from Elk Rapids Bible Church, (the church behind the high school soccer fields)

Each day includes time for

  • Snacks

  • Game & activities

  • Homework

  • Discussion/"campfire" time

  • Community service projects

Why is it needed?

In several recent surveys, Elk Rapids students have listed, "a safe place to do homework with my friends," as their #1 after-school desire.  The regional Youth Needs Assessment  conducted by the Grand Traverse Regional Community Foundation identifies mental health, academic stress, mentoring, tutoring and after-school recreation as high priority needs for teens. 

The positive effects of phone-free time as well as the value and life-transformational potential of safe, supportive, encouraging after-school programming is well documented.  The 3-6pm block is a critical time for teens and the desire to fill those hours with healthy activities has been shared by ER teens and school administrators alike.

Right Tree is moving proactively to address these five areas with M.A.D. Club, our newest  program addition in speaking possibility, potential, encouragement and  hope into the lives of Elk Rapids middle school girls.


M.A.D. Club partners fun & challenge with academic support, discussion, sharing & teaching, and vibrant, entrepreneurial community service projects as we work to support and encourage girls in the Elk Rapids community.

Programs are supervised by Right Tree staff (click here to meet our Program Director)

supplemented by community volunteers

As with all Right Tree programs, MAD Club is available on a donation basis -- families pay what they can toward covering the $6.25/day cost.

Girls can participate regardless of a family's ability to pay

No one is ever turned away for financial reasons.​

What is it?

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