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Summer Adventures

Our programs are available on a donation basis -- families pay what they can.
We suggest a donation amount, and DO depend on families paying that amount if they can
But please don't let finances prevent your daughter from participating. 
Unless otherwise noted, all activities begin & end at
Right Tree Adventure Rentals
107 Bridge St., Elk Rapids

for girls going into 7th-9th grades 

who go to school in Elk Rapids (no matter where they live) or

live in Elk Rapids (no matter where they go to school)

Our 2020 summer programming has concluded.  Look for announcements for school year activities and Summer Adventures 2021 news!

Pop-Up Drop-In stuff

Once summer is up-and-running, you can look HERE for super-fun Pop-Up Drop-In events!



Doing It Together is Always Better!  -- Detroit 2020

10am June 16-

5pm June 19

Suggested Donation


Postponed until 2021
due to COVID-19

Metro Life Church and the Good News Gang, have been serving inner-city Detroit communities for decades.  Dozens or organizations partner with them every year.  This year is OUR turn!!  Hosted and housed by Metro Life, and led by Pastor Patti Marks, our days will be split into 3 parts — mornings will include community service projects, afternoons will have us working with youth programs, and evenings give us time to explore and tour the rejuvenated city of Detroit.  These trips are always eye-opening, both for our group and for the community members we get to work with.  While northern Michigan and inner city Detroit seem worlds apart, we’re really not as different as we think.

Open Your Baskets -- Who Will Be Chopped?

June 23--25


location to be announced

Suggested Donation


Postponed until 2021
due to COVID-19

Put on your chef's hats!!  Three days of food fun, food craziness and food competition!  Days will start with a delicious recipe or two, followed by our own version of Chopped.  Can you create prize-winning dishes with ingredients in your mystery basket?  The clock is running down!  Wear close-toed shoes for working in the kitchen and be sure to being  your appetite and your imagination! 


9am June 30 -

5pm July 2

Suggested Donation


Three days on a deserted island!  What's that noise?!!  Do I hear someone sneaking around?  Where's my flashlight?!  Friend or foe?  Join us for some creative battles, campfires far into the night, midnight hikes, fairy kingdoms, skits, songs, and crafts.  Oleson Island in Long Lake is a unique setting for some messy, loud, crazy, dawn-to-dark fun!  

Postponed until 2021
due to COVID-19

Human Foosball Comes to Life

July 6-9


at  Cherryland Middle School

Open to community service group.  No new registrations.

Last fall seven 7th grade girls took on building a life-sized Foosball game on the Cherryland playground as their community service project.  The coronavirus threw their schedule out of whack.  But now, all the supplies are here and it's time to bring this project to life!  Bring your grubby clothes, a pair of work gloves (if you have them), a swimsuit & towel. We might need a just-down-the-road swim break or two.  Lunch provided.

Note: Drop off and pick-up at the Cherryland Middle School playground

Row, Row, Row Your Boat

10am-3pm, July 10

Suggested Donation


Postponed until 2021
due to COVID-19

No, rowing isn't actually required.  Hosted by Greg & Deanna Beatty on their 29' sailboat The Flying Cloud, we head out into East Bay for a day of sailing, swimming, jumping, diving and sunning.  This is a Right Tree favorite!  Limited to 10 participants.  Lunch provided - use "lunch order" button to order.

Note: Drop-off and pick-up at the Elk Rapids Harbor, Slip 5

Backpacking the Porcupine Mountains!

Mandatory organizational meeting

1-5pm July 11



9am July 19-5pm July 24

Suggested Donation


Postponed until 2021
due to COVID-19

Now THIS is an adventure!  Carrying everything we need on our backs, these six days will take us along the shore of Lake Superior, down some of the remotest trails in MI and up some of the highest peaks in the state.  Very few people get to experience The Porcupines this way.  This is a moderately difficult hike and you'll want to have sturdy shoes and rain gear -- everything else is provided.  You'll pack meals and learn how to use all your gear at the mandatory organizational meeting, July 11 -- then its off to the wilds!  Limited to 9 partcipants.

Ahoy Matey!

10am-3pm, July 28

Suggested Donation


Postponed until 2021
due to COVID-19

Sailing day #2 for the summer.   Once again Greg and Deanna Beatty will host us on their 29' sailboat The Flying Cloud.   We'll head out into East Bay for a day of sailing, swimming, diving, dunking and other water shenanigans.  Limited to 10 participants.  Lunch is provided - use "lunch order" button to order

S-U-P...T-U-B-E -  A Perfect Duet

10am-4pm, July 29

Suggested Donation


for the community service group. No new registrations

What two better things can you do on a summer day?  Join us for a day of stand up paddle boarding and tubing. The morning will be an SUP adventure around Meguzee Point to the home of Lou & Nancy Sanford for lunch.   Afterwards Nancy will take the wheel for an afternoon of tubing.  She may look like a grandma, but she sure doesn't drive her boat like one!  Lunch provided.

Open Side of the Boat Up -- a kayaking overnight

9am July 30-

2pm July 31

Suggested donation


That's the first rule of kayaking...unless you're on a Right Tree trip!  Join us for a day of kayaking the Boardman River, followed by an overnight at Scheck's State Forest Campground.  This mini-camping trip is packed full of water, sun & campfire fun!  

Postponed until 2021
due to COVID-19

The Coasters Are Calling! - Cedar Point

10am Aug 18-

5pm Aug 21

Suggested Donation


A perfect ending to another Right Tree summer -- a trip to the roller coaster capital of America!  We'll try out their newest rides and visit old favorites with one day at Cedar Point and and one day at their waterpark, Cedar Point Shores.  Nearby Crystal Rock Campground lets us finish up every perfect day with a perfect campfire.  Join us for this end of sumer celebration!

Postponed until 2021
due to COVID-19
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